Open to the World

  • The minimum investment amount for an investor to obtain the status of Permanent Resident or a holder of an immovable property under an existing scheme to obtain the status of Resident has been reduced from USD 500,000 to USD 375,000
  • To attract and retain foreign talents and businesses, noncitizens holders of Residence Permit, Occupation Permit or Permanent Residence Permit is now allowed to acquire one plot of serviced land not exceeding 2,100 m2 for residential purposes within smart cities. This measure will be open for a period of 2 years ending 30th June 2022. The non-citizens will have to complete the construction of a residential building within a period of 5 years. The total area of all plots of serviced land for sale should not exceed 25% of the land area planned for the construction of residential properties
  • Non-citizens who have a residence permit under the various real estate schemes will no longer require an Occupation or Work Permit to invest and work in Mauritius
  • The Invest Hotel Scheme now allows owners to occupy their units for a total period of 90 days instead of 45 days in a year