The PDS is the result of a merger of the Integrated Resorts Scheme (IRS) and Real Estate Scheme (RES), which came into force in 2005, which allows foreigners to acquire residential properties in Mauritius.

The major advantage of the PDS (and of the IRS and RES) is the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit upon acquisition of a residential unit, provided the purchase price exceeds the sum of USD 375,000 or its equivalent in any other convertible currency.

Another amendment to the PDS scheme is that henceforth, developers are not obliged to sell at least 25 percent of residential units to Mauritian citizens or members of the Mauritian Diaspora. All units can be acquired by foreigners willing to invest in Mauritius.

About Permanent Residence

  • The residence permit will remain valid as long as the holder maintains ownership of the property. In case the property is resold, the permit lapses. If not, the permit is considered as a permanent one.
  • This permit residence allows the purchasers to opt for a tax paradise in Mauritius and thus benefit the particularly favourable fiscal policy of the island (provided that he stays in Mauritius for more than 183 days per year).
  • This residence permit is also valid for the purchaser’s family, like his spouse and children till the age of 24 years.